G P Chandrakumar (alias CK)  was born in 1958 in Pune. He graduated in 1979 as an Electronics and Communication Engineer from the College of Engineering Guindy in Madras, He started his career in 1979 as an IT Hardware engineer, moved on to systems software and later to application software. He later specialised in the IBM Mid range computers S/38 which was followed by IBM AS400. He worked in IBM Sydney in 1985-86 as a specialist for S/38 supporting Asia pacific IBM branches and clients and was based out of Sydney.

In 1988, he joined with a few ex-colleagues and friends to promote Linc Software Pvt Ltd at Bangalore. Linc grew into a mid-size software export company with offices in 6 countries across the world specialising in IBM AS/400 applications in the Manufacturing, Banking & Insurance Sectors.

In 2005, Linc was acquired by Mindtree Consulting, Bangalore and he took up the role of integrating both the companies and served as a Executive Vice President at Mindtree. He moved out of Mindtree in late 2006 to take a sabbatical and decide on his future activities focused on broad based services to the Society.

Since 2006, Chandra has been involved in socially relevant projects. He took up the role of President of the Rotary Club of Koramangala in 2010-11. Secretary of Koramangala Club in 2007-2008 and later as a strategic advisor to Maya on Labournet.

In 2008, He founded Nacks Ventures and worked with the Swiss organisations like SICC, OPET/SERI, Swissmem and SFIVET to bring the Swiss Vocational Education and training model to India.

in 2012, He founded SkillSonics India Pvt Ltd which is focussing on Vocational skill training in India. SkillSonics is an NSDC partner and serves all over India in Skill Development projects.

He is married to Kalpana and has 2 sons who are both in management consultancy and are currently at Sydney. Naveen works for Commonwealth bank and Ashwin works at EY.

He lives in Koramangala, Bangalore and involved in many social activities  thorugh Rotary Kormangala, Koramangala Club and Koramangala 4th Block RWA.

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G P Chandrakumar

Founder of Nacks Ventures. Born on 31st May 1958, Graduated as an electronic engineer in 1979 from the college of Engineering, Guindy, Madras. Started a career as a IT engineer in 1979 and worked in Bangalore, Chennai, Sydney till 1988. Started Linc Software at Bangalore with a focus on software exports and grew it for 17 years with offices in Europe, USA, Singapore and Sydney. In 2005, LInc Software was aquired by Mindtree consulting and was at Mindtree as a Executive Vice President till end of 2006. Since 2006, focused on socially relavant projects. During 2008, Founded Nacks Ventures to start a Swiss Project with an objective of bringing Swiss Vocational Education and Training model to India for a period of 5 yeras. In 2012, Founded SkillSonics India Pvt Ltd to expand the Swiss VET model in India. Currently the Co-Chairman and Managing Director of SkillSonics. Nacks focuses on management consulting, nurturing entrepreneurs and boot straping business ideas into a viable and sustainable project.

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